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Specializing in baking the best Pumpernickel and the highest quality whole grain rye bread.

sunflower rye bread
pumpernickel rye bread
westphalian rye bread
westphalian rye bread

Since 1778, the Prünte name has stood for unmatched excellence in the fine baking of Pumpernickel and whole grain rye bread.

The Prünte Bakery continuously maintains the highest quality and implements a traditional family baking process that has been handed down by generation to generation.

“The art of bread-baking is the key to everything we do as a company. For us, bread is a pure product of nature, which should not contain any artificial additives or flavors. We exclusively use our homemade ecological sourdough and refrain from adding preservatives. We only use the best 100% natural raw materials to be ingredients of our bread.
We ensure this purity and quality with our PRÜNTE name on every package! We are excited to offer our delicious tasting Pumpernickel Bread, Westphalian Rye Bread and Sunflower Seed Rye Bread for the enjoyment for American consumers everywhere. Try our breads and taste the tradition!”

All natural Pumpernickel and whole grain rye bread.

Prünte Bread | New Hyde Park, NY | 516-488-1610